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How to Contribute

Identify area for contribution

There are several ways to identify the area where you can contribute to TON Docs:

  • Join TON Docs Club chat in Telegram and get the latest tasks from maintainers.
  • If you have a specific contribution in mind but are unsure about it, confirm whether the contribution is appropriate by contacting one of the Docs maintainers directly.
  • Get familiar with the most frequently asked questions in the TON Developers chats.
  • Please read over the issues in the GitHub repository.
  • Learn available footsteps for the documentation.


  • If you need to add or edit something in TON Docs, create a pull request against the main branch.
  • The documentation team will review the pull request or reach out as needed.
  • Repository:


Online one-click contribution setup

You can use Gitpod (a free, online, VS code-like IDE) for contributing. It will launch a workspace with a single click and will automatically:

Open in Gitpod

Code Conventions

  • Most important: look around. Match the overall style of the project. This includes formatting, naming files, naming objects in code, naming things in documentation, and so on.
  • For documentation: When editing documentation, do not wrap lines at 80 characters; instead, configure your editor to soft-wrap.

Don't worry too much about styles in general; the maintainers will help you fix them as they review your code.

Pull Requests

So you have decided to contribute code back to upstream by opening a pull request. You've put in a lot of effort, and we appreciate it. We will do our best to work with you and get the pull request reviewed.

When submitting a pull request, please ensure the following:

  1. Keep your pull request small. Smaller pull requests (~300 lines of diff) are easier to review and more likely to get merged. Make sure the pull request does only one thing, otherwise please split it.
  2. Use descriptive titles. It is recommended to follow the commit message style.
  3. Test your changes. Describe your test plan in your pull request description.

All pull requests should be opened against the main branch.

What Happens Next?

The TON Docs team will be monitoring pull requests. Please help us by following the guidelines above to keep the pull requests consistent.