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Contribution Guidelines

Before contributing any page, please review the following list of general and important requirements to guarantee a smooth experience.


  • It is essential to ensure the correct use of THE in the TON documentation. TON Blockchain and TON Ecosystem are capitalized terms, and therefore, do not require THE in their usage.
  • We write TON with regular nouns, and if it requires THE according to English grammar, we use it. For instance: "The TON Connect protocol is a..."

TON Blockchain...

TON Ecosystem...

The TON Connect protocol...

Please refer to the actual TON brand assets here.

Documentation References

Every page in TON documentation should be finished with See Also section. Place there page, you think relates to current page without additional description.

## See Also
* [TON Contribution Guidelines](/contribute/contribution-rules)
* [Tutorial Styling Guidelines](/contribute/tutorials/guidelines)

English Helpful Sources

The TON Ecosystem is being built for the entire world, so it's crucial that it's understandable for everyone on Earth. Here, we provide materials that are helpful for junior tech writers who want to improve their English skills.

See Also