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Contribution Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide of contributing to TON Documentation with Tutorials.


You're lucky! It's a good opportunity to improve TON Ecosystem here.

If you decide to write tutorial, you can get some reward for outstanding materials:

  • Special TON Bounty NFT for the most valuable contributing to TON
  • Reward in TON as payment for approved high-quality contribution like tutorial

Let's see how you can participate in contributing process.

Decide what you want to write

Find or write a material which you want to describe.

  1. Check a list of issues on TON Docs GitHub with tutorial label.
  2. OR write your own idea on TON Docs GitHub with tutorial template.

Describe a problem to get a reward

Write a ton-footstep to receive a funding for your contributing.

  1. Read about TON Bounties program more detailed.
    1. TLDR: Use Improve TVM Instructions article as an example.
  2. Write your own bounty to participate and wait for approve. TON Bounties Creator Bot will help you.
  3. After received approved label start to write your tutorial.

Writing a tutorial

Preparations. Minimize future amount of requested changes, save your time:

  1. Follow Tutorial Guidelines and check them with Sample Tutorial Structure
  2. Read Principles of a Good Tutorial to write amazing tutorial :)
  3. Inspire with Mint your first Jetton example in sources.
  4. Setup environment. Check the tutorial running your fork locally or using Gitpod.
  5. Write tutorial. Using the environment, see how tutorial looks like on your fork.
  6. Make a Pull Request. Open PR to get some feedback from maintainers.
  7. Get merged!

Receiving a reward

  1. After your PR in TON Docs got merged, please write in your ton-footsteps task.
  2. Follow a guide How to complete ton-bounty? to complete bounty and get reward.
  3. In your task, you will be asked for a wallet to send a reward.
  4. Get rewarded!