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There are different ways to connect to blockchain:

  1. RPC data provider or other API: in most cases, you have to rely on its stability and security.
  2. ADNL connection: you're connecting to a liteserver. They might be inaccessible, but with a certain level of validation (implemented in the library), cannot lie.
  3. Tonlib binary: you're connecting to liteserver as well, so all benefits and downsides apply, but your application also contains a dynamic-loading library compiled outside.
  4. Offchain-only. Such SDKs allow to create and serialize cells, which you can then send to APIs.

TypeScript / JavaScript

LibraryBlockchain connectionDescription
tonvia RPC (Orbs / Toncenter / etc)Convenient client library with wallet wrappers for development dApps on TON Blockchain.
tonwebvia RPC (Orbs / Toncenter / etc)Old-style TON JS SDK, with minimal external dependencies, extensively tested in production.
tonkite/adnlADNL natively / via WebSocketADNL TypeScript implementation.
tonutilsNative ADNLTypeScript-based interface for building and interacting with applications in TON Ecosystem. Due to native ADNL dependency, cannot be used for blockchain interaction in browser.


LibraryBlockchain connectionDescription
ton4jTonlib binaryJava SDK for The Open Network (TON)


LibraryBlockchain connectionDescription
pytoniqNative ADNLPython SDK with native LiteClient and other ADNL-based protocols implementations.
pytoniq-coreoffchain-onlyPython powerful transport-free SDK
pytonlibTonlib binaryThis is standalone Python library based on libtonlibjson, brought as a binary dependency from TON monorepo.
mytonlibNative ADNLNative Python SDK library for working with The Open Network
TonToolsvia RPC (Orbs / Toncenter / etc)TonTools is a high-level OOP library for Python, which can be used to interact with TON Blockchain.
tonpyNative ADNLPython package that provides data structures and API to interact with TON blockchain.
tvm_valuetypesoffchain-onlylibrary is collection of utilits for handling TVM types.
pytvmoffchainPython TVM emulator using bindings to C++ standard emulator


LibraryBlockchain connectionDescription
TonSdk.NETNative ADNL or RPCNative C# SDK for The Open Network.
justdmitry/TonLib.NETTonlib binary.NET SDK for The Open Network, connecting via libtonlibjson brought as a binary dependency from TON monorepo.


LibraryBlockchain connectionDescription
tonlib-rsTonlib binaryRust SDK for The Open Network, bringing binary dependency from TON monorepo.
getgems-io/ton-grpcTonlib binaryRust bindings for tonlibjson (thus, depending on binary from TON monorepo) and services built on top of it


LibraryBlockchain connectionDescription
tonutils-goNative ADNLGolang library for interacting with TON blockchain
tongoNative ADNLGo implementation of libraries for TON blockchain
tonlib-goTonlib binaryOfficial bindings for libtonlibjson

SDKs for other languages

LibraryLanguageBlockchain connectionDescription
ton-kotlinKotlinNative ADNLKotlin/Multiplatform SDK for The Open Network.
tonlib-javaJavaTonlib binJVM wrapper for TonLib that can be used with Java/Scala/Kotlin/etc.
ayrat555/tonElixiroffchain-onlyTON SDK for Elixir.
C++ TonlibC++Tonlib binaryOfficial examples on smart contract interaction in TON monorepo
Java TonlibJavaTonlib binaryOfficial examples on smart contract interaction in TON monorepo.
labraburn/SwiftyTONSwiftTonlib binaryNative Swift wrapper for tonlib with async/await.
tonlib-xcframeworkSwiftTonlib binaryTonlib build helper for iOS, all architectures.
labraburn/node-tonlibNodeJSTonlib binaryC++ addon for NodeJS to work with tonlibjson.