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TON Center API

Standard HTTP JSON RPC. Similar to other blockchain APIs.

Clients connect to the ton-http-api server that proxies requests to the liteserver (node) using TonLib.

You can connect to public or run your own http-api instance.

Pros & Cons

  • ✅ Habitual and suitable for a quick start, this is perfect for every newcomer looking to play with TON.

  • ✅ Web-oriented. Perfect to interact with TON transactions, smart contracts from Web.

  • ❌ Simplified. It's not possible to receive information where you need an indexed TON API.

  • ❌ HTTP-Middleware. You can't fully trust server responses, because they do not contain Merkle proofs to validate that your data is genuine.

Get API key

To work with public TonCenter API you need an API key:

  • Get an API key for Mainnet and Testnet: @tonapibot

RPC Nodes


GetBlock Nodes - 🚀 Instant Node installation with just a few clicks.

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