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USDT Processing


Stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency whose value is 1:1 pegged to another asset, such as a fiat currency or gold, to maintain a stable price. Until recently, there was a jUSDT token, which is a wrapped ERC-20 from the Ethereum token bridged with But on 18.04.2023 the public launch of native USD₮ token issued by the company Tether was happened. After launching USD₮, the jUSDT has moved to the second priority token but is still used in services as an alternative or addition to USD₮.

In TON Blockchain USD₮ supported as a Jetton Asset.


To integrate Tether’s USD₮ Token on TON Blockchain use the contract address: EQCxE6mUtQJKFnGfaROTKOt1lZbDiiX1kCixRv7Nw2Id_sDs

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Advantages of USD₮ on TON

Seamless Telegram integration

USD₮ on TON will be seamlessly integrated into Telegram, offering a uniquely user-friendly experience that positions TON as the most convenient blockchain for USDt transactions. This integration will simplify DeFi for Telegram users, making it more accessible and understandable.

Lower transaction fees

Fee consumed by Ethereum USD₮ transfer is calculated dynamically depending on the network load. That's why transaction can cost a lot.

transaction_fee = gas_used * gas_price
  • gas_used is the amount of gas was used during transaction execution.
  • gas_price price on 1 unit of gas in Gwei, calculated dynamically

On the other hand average fee for sending any amount of USD₮ in TON Blockchain is about 0.0145 TON nowadays. Even if TON price increases 100 times, transactions will remain ultra-cheap. The core TON development team has optimized Tether’s smart contract to make it three times cheaper than any other Jetton.

Faster and scalable

TON’s high throughput and rapid confirmation times enable USD₮ transactions to be processed more quickly than ever before.

Advanced Details


In TON Blockchain Jettons can be created with duplicate names. Technically, it will not differ in any way from the real USD₮ but it will have no value because of no security. You can check it for fraud only by checking Jetton Master address.

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