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Tokens (FT, NFT)

Distributed TON tokens overview

TON-powered tokens and NFTs do not have a single center and do not create bottlenecks.

Each NFT in a given collection is a separate smart contract. The token balance for each user is stored in a separate user wallet.

Smart contracts interact with one another directly, spreading the load on the whole network.

With the growth in user and transaction count, the load will still be even, allowing the network to scale.

TON Course: Jettons & NFTs

The TON Blockchain Course is a comprehensive guide to TON Blockchain development.

Module 7 completely covers NFT & Jettons development.

Check TON Blockchain Course


TON Speed Run

Check out the TON Speed Run series, which includes NFT and Jetton development:

Jettons (Fungible Tokens)



Smart contracts

Jetton Deployer

Jettons are custom fungible tokens on TON Blockchain. You can create your own token on TON Blockchain using the Jetton Deployer example below:

Tools to work with Jettons



Smart Contracts

NFT minters

Tools to work with NFTs

  • LiberMall/tnt—TNT is an all-in-one command-line tool to query, edit, and mint new Non-Fungible Tokens on The Open Network.