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Wallet Pay

Wallet Pay illustration
Wallet Pay is the primary payment system for Telegram Mini Apps, supporting both crypto and fiat transactions. Monitor your order statistics and easily withdraw funds. Embedded within the Wallet ecosystem, Wallet Pay facilitates seamless financial exchanges between merchants and their customers.

Useful links:

  • Wallet Pay Business Support is a Telegram bot for reaching out the Wallet Pay Support Team.
  • Demo Store Bot is a Telegram bot for Wallet Pay functionality introduction. (Attention: all payments are carried out in real assets)
  • Merchant Community is a Telegram group for sharing an experience and solutions between group members.

TON Connect

TON Connect is a communication protocol between wallets and apps in TON.

Apps built on TON provide rich functionality and high performance and are designed to protect user funds via smart contracts. Because apps are built using decentralized technologies such as Blockchain, they are typically called decentralized applications (dApps).

Wallets provide the UI to approving transactions and hold users’ cryptographic keys securely on their personal devices. This separation of concerns enables rapid innovation and high level of security for the users: wallets do not need to build walled-garden ecosystems themselves, while the apps do not need to take the risk holding end users’ accounts.

TON Connect aims to offer a seamless user experience between wallets and apps.

Discover TON Connect

Integrate Tokens

You can create your own token on TON Blockchain and integrate it into your app. You can also integrate existing tokens into your app.

Understand DeFi

Subscriptions on TON

Due to the fact that transactions in TON Blockchain are fast and the network fees are low, you can process recurring payments on-chain via smart contracts.

For example, users can subscribe to digital content (or anything else) and be charged a monthly fee of 1 TON.

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