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TON Connect for Business

TON Connect is built to be customizable for businesses by offering powerful features that attract traffic and increase user retention.

Product features

  • secure and private authentication with controlled personal data disclosure
  • arbitrary transaction signing on TON within a single user session
  • instant connectivity between applications and user wallets
  • automatic application availability directly within wallets

Adopting TON Connect

Basic steps

In order for developers to integrate TON Connect into their applications the specialized TON Connect SDK is used. The process is quite simple and can be performed by accessing the correct documentation when needed.

TON Connect allows users to connect their applications with numerous wallets via a QR code or universal connectivity link. Apps can also be opened within a wallet using a built-in browser extension and it is critical to keep up to date with additional features that are added to TON Connect moving forward.

Developer Integration assistance for TON Connect

  1. Describing the existing user flow of your application
  2. Identifying the operations required (e.g. transaction authorization, message signing)
  3. Describing your technology stack to our team

If you’re interested in learning more about TON Connect and its various services and capabilities, feel free to reach out to TON Connect Business developer to discuss your desired solution.

Common implementation cases

By using the TON Connect SDK , detailed instructions to integrate TON Connect allows developers to:

  • connect their applications with carious TON wallet types
  • backend login via the corresponding wallet's address
  • sending request transactions and in-wallet signing(accepting requests)

To gain a better understand of what is possible with this solution, check out our demo app that is available on GitHub:

Currently supported technology stack:

  • all web applications — serverless and backends
  • React-Native mobile apps
  • coming soon: SDK for mobile applications in Swift, Java, Kotlin

TON Connect is an open protocol and can be used to develop dapps with any programming language or development environment.

For JavaScript (JS) applications, the TON developer community created a JavaScript SDK that allows developers to integrate TON Connect seamlessly in minutes. In the future, SDKs designed to operate with additional programming languages will be available.