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Connect with TON Ecosystem

TON Ecosystem is a Web 3.0 space of applications that are develop and live in The Open Network.

TON Ecosystem Deliverables

Discover deliverables for integrating with the TON Ecosystem.

  • attract additional traffic through crypto wallets supporting TON Connect
  • increased user retention with in-app list saving feature (e.g., recently opened and favorites app lists)
  • increased user engagement through multi application interaction
  • process payments through fast and secure TON Blockchain(with Toncoin or wrapped stable coins jUSDC/jUSDT)
  • TON user's wallet as a ready-made account for your userbase exclude authenticate step for better UX

Connect with TON Ecosystem

For connecting your service with TON Ecosystem you need to support following:

  • Create specified transaction message with TON libraries. Read about sending messages here.
  • Support TON Connect protocol in the application. Learn how to support TON Connect in this section of our documentation.
  • Process payments through public API(tonapi) or own indexer(for e.g. gobycicle). Learn more in this section of our documentation.

Note, that not all Apps require payment processing. This means, if the business logic of your service will not require it, you will not have to support this.