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About TON Connect

Experience seamless connectivity with wallets within TON using TON Connect.

Feel free to use one of the following flows for integration of your application:

React AppsHTML/JS AppsTelegram Bots

For Wallet Developers

If you are a wallet developer, please read how to integrate TON Connect into your wallet.

Use Cases For Your DApp

Explore these deliverables that the TON Ecosystem provides for superior DAppintegration.

  • Traffic. Drive additional user visits via crypto wallets that support TON Connect.
  • Authenticity. Leverage TON user's wallets as ready-made accounts, removing the need for additional authentication steps and thus, boosting user experience.
  • Payments. Process transactions swiftly and securely through TON Blockchain using Toncoin or wrapped stable coins (jUSDC/jUSDT).
  • Retention. Enhance user retention through the in-app list-saving feature which allows users to keep track of recently opened and favorite apps.

Success Stories

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Join the TON Ecosystem

To connect your service with the TON Ecosystem, you need to implement the following:

  • TON Connect. Incorporate the TON Connect protocol within your application.
  • Transactions. Create specified transaction messages using TON libraries. Dive into the process of sending messages with our comprehensive guide.
  • Payments. Process payments via the public API (tonapi) or your own indexer, for instance, gobycicle. Learn more from our extensive guide on asset processing.