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Protocol specifications

Understand how TON Connect works under the hood.

Who is this section for?

  • If you implement a wallet
  • If you develop an SDK
  • If you want to learn how TON Connect works

Sections overview


I am building an HTML/JS app, what should I read?

Simply use the Supported SDKs and do not worry about the underlying protocols.

I need an SDK in my favorite language

Please take the JS SDK as a reference and check out the protocol docs above.

How do you detect whether the app is embedded in the wallet?

JS SDK does that for you; just get wallets list connector.getWallets() and check embedded property of the corresponding list item. If you build your own SDK you should check window.[targetWalletJsBridgeKey].tonconnect.isWalletBrowser.

How do you detect if the wallet is a browser extension?

Like with embedded apps (see above), JS SDK detects it for you via injected property of the corresponding connector.getWallets() list item. If you build your own SDK you should check that window.[targetWalletJsBridgeKey].tonconnect exists.

How to implement backend authorization with tonconnect?

See an example of dapp-backend

How do I make my own bridge?

You don’t need to, unless you are building a wallet.

If you build a wallet, you will need to provide a bridge. See our reference implementation in Go.

Keep in mind that the wallet’s side of the bridge API is not mandated.

For a quick start you can use the common TON Connect bridge

I make a wallet, how do I add it to the list of wallets?

Submit a pull request for the wallets-list repository and fill our all the necessary metadata.

Apps may also add wallets directly through the SDK.