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TON Connect for Security

TON Connect ensures that users have explicit control over the data they share, meaning data is not susceptible to leakage during app and wallet transfer. To reinforce this design, wallets and apps employ strong cryptographic authentication systems that work together.

User data and funds security

  • On TON Connect, user data is end-to-end encrypted when transmitted to wallets via bridges. This allows apps and wallets to employ third-party bridge servers that decrease the possibility of data theft and manipulation, dramatically increasing data integrity and safety in the process.
  • Through TON Connect, security parameters are put in place to allow users data to be directly authenticated with their wallet address. This allows users to make use of multiple wallets and choose which one is used within a particular app.
  • The TON Connect protocol allows for personal data item sharing (such as contact details and KYC info etc.) meaning the user explicitly confirms the sharing of such data.

Specific details and related code examples pertaining to TON Connect and its underlying security-focused design can be found via TON Connect GitHub.