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FunC has single-line comments which start with ;; (double ;). For example:

int x = 1; ;; assign 1 to x

It also has multi-line comments which start with {- and end with -}. Note that unlike in many other languages, FunC multi-line comments can be nested. For example:

{- This is a multi-line comment
{- this is a comment in the comment -}

Moreover, there can be one-line comments inside multi-line ones, and one-line comments ;; are "stronger" than multiline {- -}. In other words in the following example:

Start of the comment

;; this comment ending is itself commented -> -}

const a = 10;
;; this comment begining is itself commented -> {-

End of the comment

const a = 10; is inside multiline comment and is commented out.