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Welcome to the TON documentation!

Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to the space, this page provides an introduction to the tools and resources you'll need to build on TON. Feel free to focus on the approach that suits the best for you.

  • Get Started with TON is a step-by-step guide to interacting with TON Blockchain and writing your first application. (video tutorial included)
  • TON Hello World series provides detailed step-by-step guides to wallets, smart contracts, web apps, and testing & debugging smart contracts on TON.
Get Started with TONTON Hello World

Smart Contracts development

Smart contracts are the building blocks of decentralized applications (dApps) on TON Blockchain. If you're looking to develop your own dApps, it's essential to understand how smart contracts work.

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The following resources provide valuable information for TON smart contract development:

Web and dApps development

DeFi Development

Take your first steps in dApps development with a comprehensive dApps building guide:

Examples & SDK

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the Frequently Asked Questions section.