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Examples of Smart Contracts

On this page, you can find TON smart contract references implemented for various program software.


Make sure you have thoroughly tested contracts before using them in a production environment. This is a critical step to ensure the proper functioning and security of your software.

FunC Smart Contracts

TON Production used Smart Contracts

wallet-contractWallet v4 is proposed version of wallet to replace v3 or older wallets
governance-contractCore TON Blockchain contracts elector-code.fc and config-code.fc.
bridge-funcTON-EVM Toncoin Bridge.
token-bridge-funcTON-EVM token bridge - FunC smart contracts.
lockup-wallet-contract/universalUniversal lockup wallet is contract that can store locked and restricted coins.
lockup-wallet-contract/vestingVesting wallet smart-contract
multisig-contract(n, k)-multisig wallet is a wallet with n private keys holders, which accepts requests to send messages if the request collects at least k signatures of the holders.
token-contractFungible, Non-Fungible, Semi-Fungible Tokens Smart Contracts
dns-contractSmart contracts of .ton zone.
nominator-poolNominator pool smart contract
storageTON Storage provider and fabric contracts

TON Ecosystem Smart Contracts

telemintTelegram Usenames(nft-item.fc) and Telegram Numbers(nft-item-no-dns.fc) contracts.
WTONThis smart contract provides an implementation of wrapped toncoin, called WTON
capped-fungible-tokenBasic implementation of smart contracts for Jetton wallet and Jetton minter
getgems-io/nft-contractsGetgems NFT Contracts
lockup-wallet-deploymentDeploy and run lockup Contract end to end
wton-contractwTON contracts
contract-verifier-contractsSources registry contracts which stores an on-chain proof per code cell hash.
vanity-contractSmart contract that allows to "mine" any suitable address for any contract.
ton-config-smcSimple contract for storing versioned data in TON Blockchain.
ratelanceRatelance is freelance platform that seeks to remove barriers between potential employers and workers.
ton-forwarder.fcContract that accepts exact sum and forwards it to specified address. On wrong amount or subsequent returns money.
logger.fcContract that saves data in the local storage.
ton-nominatorsTon Whales Nominator pool source code.
ton-link-contract-v3Ton-link allows smart contracts to access data outside of the blockchain while maintaining data security.
delab-team/fungible-tokenDeLab TON fungible-token implementation
whitelisted-wallet.fcSimple Whitelisted Wallet Contract
delab-team/jetton-poolThe Jetton Pool TON smart contract is designed to create farm pools.
ston-fi/contractsStonfi DEX core contracts
onda-tonOnda Lending Pool - Core smart contracts of the first lending protocol on TON

Learning Contracts

Ton Smart Challenge Solutions

Ton Smart Challenge 1

Ton Smart Challenge 2

Ton Smart Challenge 3

Fift Smart Contracts

Examples of Tests for Smart Contracts

FunC Libraries and Helpers

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