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The Open Network

The Open Network (TON) is a fast, secure, scalable blockchain focused on handling millions of transactions per second (TPS) with the goal of reaching hundreds of millions of blockchain users moving forward.

TON is designed as a distributed supercomputer, or a “superserver”, intended to provide a variety of products and services to contribute to the development of the decentralized vision for the new internet. To learn more about different aspects of the TON blockchain and its underlying ecosystem consult the following resources:

Bird's Eye Overview

To understand the true vision for the decentralized internet and how TON contributes to this inevitability, consider taking a deep dive into the video below:

New to Blockchain?

If you're new to blockchain and don’t understand what makes the technology so revolutionary — consider taking a deep dive into these important resources:

TON’s Relationship With Ethereum

For those familiar with Ethereum development, we wrote two introductory articles to help you understand what sets TON apart in this regard: