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Cross-chain bridges

Decentralized cross-chain bridges operate on TON Blockchain, allowing you to transfer assets from TON Blockchain to other blockchains and vice versa.

Toncoin Bridge

The Toncoin bridge allows you to transfer Toncoin between TON Blockchain and the Ethereum blockchain, as well as between TON Blockchain and the BNB Smart Chain.

The bridge is managed by decentralized oracles.

How to use it?

Bridge frontend is hosted on

TON-Ethereum smart contracts source codes

TON-BNB Smart Chain smart contracts source codes

Blockchain Configs

You can get the actual bridge smart contract addresses and oracle addresses by inspecting the corresponding config:

TON-Ethereum: #71.

TON-BSC: #72.

TON-Polygon: #73.


Cross-chain roadmap

Tonana Bridge

How to participate?


This is a concept article. We're still looking for someone experienced to write it.

You can find the front-end here:

The source code is here: