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MyTonCtrl Directory Usage

MyTonCtrl is a wrapper that stores its files in two places:

  1. ~/.local/share/mytonctrl/ - Long-term files such as logs are stored here.
  2. /tmp/mytonctrl/ - Temporary files are stored here.

MyTonCtrl also includes another script, mytoncore, which in turn stores files in the following locations:

  1. ~/.local/share/mytoncore/ - Permanent files, the main configuration will be stored here.
  2. /tmp/mytoncore/ - Temporary files, parameters used for elections will be saved here.

MyTonCtrl downloads the source code for itself and the validator into the following directories:

  1. /usr/src/mytonctrl/
  2. /usr/src/ton/

MyTonCtrl compiles the validator components into the following directory:

  1. /usr/bin/ton/

MyTonCtrl creates a working directory for the validator here:

  1. /var/ton/

If MyTonCtrl was installed as root

The configurations will be stored differently:

  1. /usr/local/bin/mytonctrl/
  2. /usr/local/bin/mytoncore/

How to remove MyTonCtrl

Run the script as an administrator and remove the compiled TON components:

sudo bash /usr/src/mytonctrl/scripts/
sudo rm -rf /usr/bin/ton

During this process, ensure you have sufficient permissions to delete or modify these files or directories.

Directory Changes with MyTonCtrl

Changing Validator Working Directory Pre-installation

If you wish to change the working directory of the validator prior to installation, there are two ways to do so:

  1. Fork the project - You can fork the project and make your changes there. Learn how to fork a project with man git-fork.

  2. Create a symbolic link - You can also create a symbolic link with the following command:

    ln -s /opt/ton/var/ton

    This command will create a link /var/ton that points to /opt/ton.

Changing Validator Working Directory Post-installation

If you want to change the working directory of the validator from /var/ton/ after installation, perform the following steps:

  1. Stop services - You will need to stop the services with these commands:

    systemctl stop validator.service
    systemctl stop mytoncore.service
  2. Move validator files - You then need to move the validator files with this command:

    mv /var/ton/* /opt/ton/
  3. Update configuration paths - Replace the paths in the configuration located at ~/.local/share/mytoncore/mytoncore.db.

  4. Note on experience - There is no prior experience with such a transfer, so consider this when moving forward.

Remember to make sure you have sufficient permissions to make these changes or run these commands.

Understanding Validator Status and Restarting Validator in MyTonCtrl

This document will help you understand how to confirm if MyTonCtrl has become a full validator and how to restart your validator.

Restarting Your Validator

If you need to restart your validator, you can do so by running the following command:

systemctl restart validator.service

Ensure you have sufficient permissions to execute these commands and make necessary adjustments. Always remember to back up important data before performing operations that could potentially affect your validator.

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