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Running a Full Node (Validator)

To install and manage your own node, use the mytonctrl open source tool developed by TON Foundation. The majority of TON Nodes are reliable and tested by mytonctrl.

Hardware requirements

  • at least 8 cores CPU
  • at least 64 GB RAM
  • at least 512 GB NVMe SSD
  • 1 Gbit/s network connectivity
  • public IP address (fixed IP address)

You need a machine with a fixed IP address and a high-bandwidth network connection to run a TON Blockchain Full Node. Typically you'll need a sufficiently powerful server in a data center with good network connectivity, using at least a 1 Gbit/s connection to reliably accommodate peak loads (the average load is expected to be approximately 100 Mbit/s).


How to run the Node? (video)

Please, check this video step-by-step tutorial to start promtly:

Installation steps

  1. Download and run the installation script. Choose your Linux distributive:
sudo bash -m full
  1. Check the mytonctrl installation procedure at:

Become a Validator

To become a validator:

  1. Send Toncoin to your wallet.
  2. mytonctrl automatically joins validation from the next election round.
  3. Check the manual: How to become a validator with mytonctrl (v0.2, OS Ubuntu)

To use your Full Node just as an endpoint, skip everything about the validator function. There is no need to send coins to your wallet.