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How to open any TON Site?

In this article we'll have a look at most common ways to visit TON Sites from different devices.

Each method have it's own pros and cons which we will analyze here.

we will start with the simplest methods and finish with the most advanced ones.

😄 Easy methods

Browse through the

The simplest way to open a TON Site is through You don't need to install or set up anything on your device - just open the and you're ready to explore TON Sites.

This method may be suitable for casual browsing of TON Sites or for some checks, but not for regular use, because it also has its drawbacks:

  • You trust your internet traffic to the
  • It can go offline or break at any moment
  • It can be blocked by your internet provider

TON Wallet and MyTonWallet extensions

A bit harder but better method is to use some browser extension which will connect you to the TON Proxy and allow to browse TON Sites without any intermediate services such as

Currently, TON Proxy is already available in MyTonWallet extension and also will be available in TON Wallet extension soon.

This method is also pretty easy, but you need to install an extension in your browser to make it work. It will be suitable for most users.

Connect to a public proxy

If you don't want to install any extensions or if you are using mobile device, you can use this method. You'll have to configure something on your device to connect to the proxy.

This method is described here:

🤓 Advanced methods

Running your own TON proxy

This method is the hardest one. Most of the users don't need it at all, but if you're a developer or if you want to have a faster internet connection through the proxy, it can be useful for you.

Tutorial on how to set up your own TON Proxy can be found here: