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Using TypeScript (deprecated)


Testing toolkit (usually, sandbox) already included to TypeScript SDK named Blueprint.

Run tests in one line using:

npm test

Low-level libraries


This package allows you to emulate arbitrary TON smart contracts, send messages to them and run get methods on them as if they were deployed on a real network.

The key difference of this package from ton-contract-executor is the fact that the latter only emulates the compute phase of the contract - it does not know about any other phases and thus does not know anything about fees and balances (in a sense that it does not know whether a contract's balance will be enough to process all the out messages that it produces).

On the other hand, this package emulates all the phases of a contract, and as a result, the emulation is much closer to what would happen in a real network.



This library is deprecated. TON Community not developing it anymore.

This library allows you to run TON Virtual Machine locally and execute contract. That allows you to write & debug & fully test your contracts before launching them to the network.


Read this article first to understand all approaches to testing on TON: