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Smart contract creation, development, and deployment on TON Blockchain leverages the FunC programming language and TON Virtual Machine (TVM).

Quick Start: Your First Smart Contract

Write and deploy your first smart contract with the Blueprint framework.

Blueprint is a development environment for writing, testing, and deploying smart contracts. To create a new demo project use the following command:

npm create ton@latest
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Getting Started

Fun and Easy Tutorials

Kickstart your journey with our beginner-friendly guide:

Comprehensive Guides

For those who prefer detail and nuance, visit:

Examples of Smart Contracts

Explore ready-made smart contract examples and tools provided by the TON community.

little tip

Feel free to focus on smart contracts written using FunC. Focusing on smart contracts written using FunC (.fc) instead of the lower-level Fift (.fif) language is often better.

Standard examples of smart contracts on TON include wallets, electors (which manage validation on TON), and multi-signature wallets, which can be a reference when studying.

Open Examples

Smart Contract Best Practices

TON offers endless possibilities. Learn how to get the most out of them while adhering to recommended guidelines.

TON Virtual Machine (TVM)

Discover the engine that runs your smart contracts.

Programming Languages

📘 FunC

The tailor-made language for TON smart contracts.

FunC Overview

📒 Tact

The high-level language for TON smart contracts similar to TypeScript and Rust.


Developed by the community. Use with caution.

Tact Official SiteTact Hello World

📕 Fift (advanced)

advanced level

Only for the brave!

Fift Overview

Community Tools

Further Reading

Enhance your skillset with these community-driven educational resources.

Additional Resources