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Getting Started

Before diving into DApps, make sure you understand the underlying blockchain principles. You might find our The Open Network and Blockchain of Blockchains articles useful.

TON DApps are applications without backend, which interact with the blockchain. In most cases, they interact with custom smart contracts; this documentation provides ways to process standard assets available in TON, both as an example and for quicker DApps development.

DApps generally can be written in any programming language having SDK for TON. Actually, the most frequent choice is a website, followed by Telegram mini-apps.

Build a TMAChoose an SDK

TON Course: DApps

The TON Blockchain Course is a comprehensive guide to TON Blockchain development.

Module 5 and 6 completely covers DApps development. You'll learn how to create a DApp, how to work with TON Connect, how to use SDKs and how to work with the blockchain.

Check TON Blockchain Course

Basic Tools and Resources

Here are some key resources that you'll need throughout your DApp development journey:

  1. Developer Wallets
  2. Blockchain Explorers
  3. API Documentation
  4. SDKs for Various Languages
  5. Using the Testnet
  6. TON Unfreezer

Asset Management

Working with assets? These guides cover the essentials:

Introduction to DeFi

Interested in decentralized finance (DeFi)? Here's how to handle different types of assets:

Tutorials and Examples

DeFi Basics

Language-Specific Guides




Advanced Topics

Wallets Examples

👨‍💻 Contribution

Missing some crucial material? You can either write a tutorial yourself or describe the problem for the community.

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